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You will make back at least
TWICE what
you pay me or
you don't have to pay me!

Birthday Club Manager – Filling your restaurant with happy people celebrating their birthdays.


Siena College
Running Birthday Clubs (
Making great offers
Hiding money (


The Secret To Turning The Nation’s
Most Celebrated Holiday Into Fat
Profits For Your Restaurant Without
Any More Effort On Your Part…

In the list of services you are looking to have fulfilled, I didn't notice "Email Marketing Manager", which some would say is even more important than reels, TikTok and other platforms.
You don't control those platforms.
Most want you to pay to access your own fans and they can close your account without warning and with no recourse.
They could also fall out of favor (or be outlawed!) and all the time, energy and money you spent on them is lost.
An email list is an ASSET you control.
And since no one wants to join an "email list", I recommend calling your list a "Birthday Club."

Did you know that the most celebrated holiday in restaurants is birthdays?
According to the National Restaurant Association, birthdays are the number one occasion people celebrate with a special restaurant meal, surpassing even Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day in popularity.
Fully 70% of Americans celebrate their birthday by GOING OUT to eat.
And, those 70% don’t go out to eat alone on their birthdays.
In fact, the National Restaurant
Association studied this phenomenon and discovered that the average birthday celebration dinner has a party of 3.8 people.
Every single person who will ever eat at your restaurant has a birthday and a high percentage of them could be convinced to have a birthday meal with you and NONE of them will come alone!
If you’re like most restaurants you don’t know the birthdays of your customers nor do you know how to get in touch with them other than hoping they notice your social media post at the exact time they are hungry and you are open.
A “birthday club manager” takes charge of building your list and using it WEEKLY to put people in the seats.

I am so confident that a birthday club will MAKE you money, you don't have to pay me if it doesn't.
No asterisks or fine print.

You’ll find dozens of area birthday specials on
my website
Most of the big restaurant chains offer some sort of birthday special and they spend millions of dollars to get people in their doors.
Now just to be clear, when you hire me as a Birthday Club Manager I won’t actually be an employee so you won’t have the typical costs of an employee.
I work for one flat fee of only $75 per week.  No contracts and you can cancel any time.
In fact, my fees will be tax
deductible as a business expense.
To be fair I will only work with one restaurant in your area so please contact me right away…518-288-8711 or

I can have a birthday club up and running within 24 hours.
Thank you,

Leo Quinn
Ballston Spa, NY
P.S. And no, I don't want to see your books.  The "double your money guarantee" relies on the honor system.  
P.P.S. Birthdays are just one of the uses for a “birthday club” list. Read on for many examples of how a birthday club will make you money.


17 Profitable Ways To 
Use A "Birthday Club" List...

1. Send a thank you note with an incentive to come back
2. Send birthday wishes with a great offer
3. Run a survey and give them what they want
4. Solicit other feedback
5. Inform them of special circumstances
6. Ask them why they haven’t been back
7. Send a weekly newsletter with info and savings
8. Ask for help.
9. Run your own Groupon-style promotion and keep all the money yourself.
10. Take advantage of news.  Run a Superbowl/Olympics/World Series contest for instance
11. A customer list makes your business more valuable if you ever decide to sell.
12. Cross promotions with other non-competing businesses.
13. Run a “bring-a-friend” promotion to grow your list
14. Fight mother nature!  Rainy/Snowy day specials.
15. Encourage followers on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok or the latest fad site
16. Encourage reviews on Yelp or other sites where people may review your business
17. Fight negative reviews with good ones

Contact me today…518.288.8711 or

P.S. Most POS systems have an email list component built in.  It still takes someone to take control and make sure it gets used.
I'm ready for the challenge!    Contact me today…518.288.8711 or